Temporary Crown/Bridge

It is extremely important for the temporary crown/bridge to remain on the tooth until we seat your permanent crown. If your temporary crown becomes loose or comes off at any time, please call the office immediately. Your tooth can shift within a few hours if your temporary is missing, which can inhibit the placement of your permanent crown. You may also experience sensitivity if your temporary crown or bridge comes off.

Please note: With your temporary, avoid hard and chewy foods (such as ice, hard candy, gum, & taffy). These are known to pull temporaries off of the prepared tooth.

If your temporary comes off or becomes loose, please gently replace your temporary back onto your prepared tooth and call the office (you cannot put your temporary back on incorrectly because it will only fit one way).

It is important to floss your temporary. However, instead of pulling the floss back up through the teeth, release one end of the floss and pull it through the side of the tooth.

After your anesthesia has worn off, if you feel that any of the teeth that we have worked on are touching top to bottom first, (before other teeth are coming together), please give the office a call immediately. This imbalance with your bite may cause further discomfort and should be adjusted.

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